Films on Tap has never been a fan of "rules" so to speak, so we try to keep 'em to a minimum. If you have a film you'd like to submit to Films on Tap for the Fall, simply lower your eye balls to the text below, read those words, and fill out the super simple form. We know you worked hard on your film and can't wait to see your work. Announcements typically take place at least 4 weeks prior to the event's scheduled date, so check that email regularly!

• Your film must be filmed or edited in the Carolinas. If you filmed it on a boat in the Atlantic ocean just off the coast, send us an invite to the wrap party and you may be considered.

• Under 15 minutes is preferred. (Yes, we consider every film submitted, but let's be honest - drinking beer and watching films doesn't make for efficiently operating attention spans during th- SQUIRREL!)

Submissions for the next event are due July 29th by 12:00 PM. 

Submit for our Asheville event at

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