Chris Baker

True Films On Tapper pt.1 - Chris Baker

How did you get your start making movies? 

I’ve loved movies ever since I was a kid. I was really into watching films, watching all the behind the scenes features and learning about special effects at a really young age. But I didn’t get into the process of making them until after high school, right after seeing the movie Titanic strangely enough.  People were going to the theaters to see that movie so much... I loved the idea of making something that affected people like that.

Tell us about your film Glory Days (one of our first selections for Films on Tap!)

Glory Days was a short film we made for the 48hr Film Festival. We drew the genre ‘time travel.’ Once we pulled that, we started brainstorming all kinds of ideas, but I knew I wanted to do something that had a little more of a comedic edge. 

It’s a story about a young man who’s visited by his older self in the future. He’s come to stop himself from ruining his life as a result of too much drinking. But in the movie, the older character – instead of leading his younger self away from this lifestyle – he ends up being drawn back in to his old partying ways.

Any recent set life stories you can share?

Recently I was on the set of a short film where I was playing Jesus, and I was crying over a pile of dead Christmas trees. While I was dressed as Jesus in my neighborhood, a van full of older women pulled up and asked why I was dressed as Jesus. I told them, and they asked that I give them a short blessing. So I did a quick cross, I said “Peace be with you” and they were very happy and drove off. That was really unexpected and fun.

How did you get involved with Films on Tap?

I wanted to submit to Films on Tap because it’s a great venue to show short films in a relaxed environment. People are drinking beer and it’s a great thing. I love beer and I love movies, so why not pair them together and have a great time?

Who are some other film groups in Charlotte we should know?

The Charlotte Film Community is a great place to meet people and network with actors and crew members. The Back Alley Film Series shows cult films you won’t see in the theater. That’s definitely always a fun place to go and see a movie that’s outside the box.

Your go­-to Charlotte beers... Go!

Definitely Birdsong’s Jalepeno Ale and NoDa’s Hop Drop and Roll.

Do you see yourself making short films a few years from now?

Ultimately, my goal is to be able to stay here in Charlotte and make features. Right now I’m making commercials and kind of selling myself as a commercial director, while doing some fun short films on the side and hopefully entertaining audiences. I’d love to be able to make movies around here instead of having to move to New York or LA. Those are really great places, but I want to keep film growing right here in Charlotte.

Hopefully in the future we can keep doing this on a much larger scale.

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