Best Movie Theaters in Charlotte (That Serve Beer)

What’s better than taking in an awesome movie while sipping your favorite local beverage? (Answer: Nothing.)

Here are some of our favorite places in Charlotte where great films are always rolling, and local beer is always flowing:

Cinemark Movie Bistro

Cinemark has comfy leather recliners and carries a TON of awesome NC craft beers, with emphasis on Charlotte breweries like Birdsong, NoDa, and OMB. Customers order food and drinks in the lobby, and everything is delivered outside of the door of your theater, so it’s typically a relatively uninterrupted viewing experience. Plus, they offer 22oz pours (which should last you at least through the previews).   

Ballantyne Village Theatre

It’s Regal Cinemas, but they often screen independent films you wouldn’t expect to find in Ballantyne. Domestic and imported bottles are available at the counter, plus a few local craft beers on tap.

AMC Carolina Pavilion 22

Recently renovated to now feature a FULL bar when you first walk in, including at least a couple of local beers on tap. The plush leather recliners make for an awesome experience in every theater, and with 22 screens there’s almost always something everyone can enjoy.


Pop art and movie posters cover the walls, and the massive lobby bar is front and center when you first walk in. They do a good job of mixing things up with weekly (movie-themed) drink specials, vintage films, occasional TV screenings and movie trivia events. Tap-wise, their selection varies but typically features at least a few choice NC beers. Bonus points: Cinebarre also brews their own beer, aptly named “Cinebrew.” If you’re into hoppier brews, give it a try.   

Studio Movie Grill

Go early to spend some time in the bar upstairs, then order your food from your reclining seats in the theater. SMG has a massive food menu and tons of local beer on tap. The only downside is that, like Cinebarre, service happens inside the theater which can be distracting.

Regal Cinemas Manor Twin

Charlotte’s oldest movie house and one of the “jewels of the Queen City.” The walls are decorated with work by local artists, including paintings, sculptures and photographs for sale, and their concession stand serves gourmet candies and local craft beer.

While you can catch some mainstream movies here, the Twin is best known for having amazing selections of independent films, classic films, foreign films and every other category no one else in town is showing. It’s cozy, historic, charming, and with occasional after-show talk-backs with local guest speakers, it’s the closest thing to an art house theater you’ll get in Charlotte.

There is that one rumor that the upstairs is haunted by an old projectionist... and the women’s restroom supposedly also hosts a female poltergeist. But guys. There’s beer.

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