Pairing #1

7.22.2014 | Heist Brewery

Hosted by comedian Eric Button


  • Like Rats in a Trap, by Scott Lazes & G.S. Koch

  • Test of Uncertainty, by Carl Lechner

  • Shelter 5, by Aaron Longstreth

  • Juice, by William S. Davis

  • The Bishop Boys, by Andrew Huggins

Combining local filmmaking with craft brewing is the kind of creative culture that enriches communities!
— G.S. Koch, filmmaker
I had the pleasure of being part of the very first Films on Tap screening at Heist Brewery. Having shown films at other festivals and galleries, this was an awesome change of pace.”
— William Davis, filmmaker

Pairing #2

11.20.2014 | Heist Brewery

Hosted by comedian Eric Button


  • A Chess Player, by Shea Sizemore

  • Harmony Gardens, by Bunch Collective

  • Locker 212, by Matt Nunn

  • Ten Minute Song, by Derek Donovan

  • Glory Days, by Chris Baker

Films on Tap is a fantastic opportunity to watch exceptional, local short films while also experiencing some of the best breweries that Charlotte has to offer. I encourage any film lover looking for a casual and fun night out to check out this event.
— Juli Emmons, Founder of Carolina Film Community