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Pairing #6

4.24.2017 | BIRDSONG BrewING

Hosted by comedian Blayr Nias


  • Lazy Bird, Brown Ale

  • Doin’ Thyme, Witbier

  • Jalepeno Ale, Pale Ale

  • Free Will, Pale Ale

  • Higher Ground, IPA


  • Kamen, by Shea Sizemore

  • Good Hair, by Catherine Dee Holly & Fray Forde

  • The Hidden, by Chris Baker

  • A Life on Two Wheels, by Peter Taylor

  • Crass, by Micah Troublefield

FEATURING Special Guests:


Charlotte is a culturally rich city, and the breweries are a big part of that. Films on Top did a brilliant job pairing the beers from the brewery with our films, and I was honored twice: first to have my film included in the screening, and second to have it paired with a lovely, rich beer which was brewed locally. The other film pairings and films were brilliant, unique, and left me sad that the event was over, but ready for the next one!
— Heather Freeman, filmmaker